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Textile Cable - General Product Information

Textile cable – A design product through the ages

The textile cable is experiencing a renaissance today. Textile cable, also called fabric cord, is a power cable for lamps and appliances with over 100-years of history. Thus already the lights around 1900 were fitted with textile cables in many different colors.
While the textile jacket at the early cables represented a further protective insulation, today it is understood above all as an aesthetic component in design. It opens a lot of possibilities to improve luminaires with textile cable as a design element. Thus the mindset of designers, architects and consumers in the contemplation of light and lamps changed. The introduction of modern materials in the cable production waived the need of textile jackets. Lamp cords are covered with unsightly plastic, as we have been able to observe in the last decades. Even very high quality lights are equipped with "cheap" plastic cables. This is changing currently to a high degree and is reflected in innumerable reports and articles in the relevant interior magazines in recent years. Hardly a week passes without a release of new suggestions, ideas and offers in this context.

High quality standards – premium textile designs in luminous colors

Commercially available textile cables are different in context of their aesthetic power and quality. All textile cables from textilecable.com are very high quality design products. The individual colors and patterns are created and reviewed by designers for suitability. They are characterized by extraordinary brilliant colors. Their technical characteristics are excellent, because they are produced in the EU, tested and approved for use in the EU and certified from the EU.
Of course we also offer textile cables and accessories that are used in other countries, for example textile cables for the use in the United States. Such products can be produced and delivered on request. Textile cables for the export to the United States or other countries have relevant certifications and the same premium quality, but are partly not approved for use in the EU.

Textile cable designs

Traditionally textile cables have a textile jacket that has a dense character so that the material underneath the textile jacket is not visible. Here it is the quality and brilliance of each color which is mostly important. In addition, structure and strength of the woven textile is of great importance. Textilecable.com attributes a particular importance to those quality characteristics in its entire range of products.
The innovation in recent years is textile cable with a netlike textile jacket. We have expanded our product range with this variation and see it as a great design element for the future. What makes it new is that the material underneath the textile jacket is visible through the mesh and can be made of different colors or be transparent. This type of textile cable offers a whole new variety of color combinations possible. Particularly attractive are reticulated textile cables with a transparent plastic cable.
Beautiful textiles instead of cheap plastics!
We noticed that our customers deal critically with this situation and that they are not satisfied with the unsightly plastic cables. Instead of having to hide the plastic cables, they take up the offer of textilecable.com. They replace the old cables with beautiful, high quality, homely textile cables that remain visible in the room and do not have to be hidden. The textile cable has thus become a part of the active interior design.
Textilecable.com is offering a huge variety of textile cables and accessories, but sometimes other textile cables out of the standard range are needed. Thus, there is also the possibility for custom designs on request.
Refine your lamps and appliances!
New possibilities for customers to take part at the creative process can be emphasized. Textile cable colors or patterns can be chosen to replace unaesthetic plastic cables. The wide range of textilecable.com offers the variety of options to refine your existing lights and appliances.
Don´t forget the possible applications in the commercial and public sectors. Whether in restaurants, in shops, in kindergardens, in schools, in exhibitions and fairs - the collection of textile cables is inexhaustible.

Textile cable – Technics

The variety of different types of textile cables corresponds to the different applications. Today mainly round, total textile jacketed cables are used. These are double-insulated for safety and well suited for the lighting sector. The cross section of the cores in the fabric cable is usually 0,75mm². Cores can be defined as color coded, plastic insulated cooper wires making the content of the cable.
Bigger cross-sections are also available. For example, the cross-section of 1,5mm², suitable for multi-outlet power strips with extension cord. Other cross-sections, like 1.0mm² or 2.0mm² are to be regarded as an exception and possibly available on request.
All textile cables on textilecable.com are available as 2- or 3-core version. The 3-core version consists of phase, neutral conductor and an additional protective contact wire, which does not exist in the 2-core version. Examples for installations using 2-core cables are plastic lamp holders and supply cables with flat plugs resp. Euro plugs, many lamps and appliances are equipped with. 3-core cables are needed for metal lamp holders and Schuko plugs, for example. We like to point out that the assembly of textile cables should be made by experienced personnel only.

Information and advice

Should the information provided is not sufficient or you need a sample, please contact us and you will receive free samples from textilecable.com.
Our team has over 30 years of experience in dealing with textile cables. This includes the experience with antique lighting of all kinds.

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