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Pendant Lamp Plastic Wine Red

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Pendant Lamp Plastic Wine Red

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Pendant lamp with a white E27 plastic lamp holder, equipped with 2 shade rings for attaching a lampshade, white cord grip and white plastic canopy. Choose your favorite length of the textile cable so that it can adapt perfectly to your application and environment. The textile cable is available in different lengths between 1-10m. Suitable for E27 bulbs up to 60W.
Plastic Lamp Holder E27 With External Thread White   +0,00 €
Plastic Shade Ring E27 White   +0,00 €
Cord Grip Cone Shape White   +0,00 €
Canopy – Plastic Cylinder Shape White   +0,00 €

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Prix configuré: 19,95 €



Base: E27
Voltage: 230V
Length of cable: variable
Color of cable: wine red
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Informations supplémentaires

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